A browser extension skipping YouTube in-video ads segments

This extension is intended to work at the expense of the community. Users can report segments of ads (using start and end time codes) and rate correct/incorrect marks (i.e. timecodes). The more community activity = the better user experience.

Each skipped ad segment saves your time.

Google account sign in is used for spam and suspicious activity filtering.

Available on desktop Google Chrome and Mozilla Firefox browsers.

How it works

Post ad segments

Add ad segments timecodes using player buttons or toolbar app. NOTE, it is important not to mark the exact start and end of the ad, so that other users could really see that there was an ad

Upvote/downvote posted timecodes

If you think that the skipped part wasn't an ad, you can return using the player pop-up. It will be automatically regarded as a downvote

If the ad has been skipped correctly, you can ignore the badge (regards as an upvote)

Or just use toolbar app

Delete your timecodes

If you accidentally posted an incorrect timecode and no one has rated it yet, you can delete it using toolbar app

Posted timecodes rules

A timecode with some minimal upvotes gets into the main pool as a "possible" ad segment. As soon as it gets enough "skips" by the users, the app will skip it automatically. Until that if there is a possible ad - you can either click "Yes, skip" or ignore the player pop-up

Otherwise you can downvote using "Not" button

Disable for a video

If you don't want to skip ads for a certain video, you can disable it using player button or toolbar app

Or disable it for all videos

Report video

Report a video if something is wrong with the timecodes, e.g. the app skips incorrect upvoted timecodes. We will handle it.